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Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement is a general term that refers to two classes of procedures: augmentations and lifts. Breast enhancement can improve the look of your chest by lifting and adding volume. There are different procedures available depending upon your body type and expectations. As an experienced Oahu breast enhancement surgeon, I can help you determine if breast enhancement is the right choice for you and which surgical procedure would be most appropriate. A popular choice is a breast augmentation in connection with a breast lift, which imparts a more youthful appearance to the body for women who have experienced sagging and want to increase size as well. Another option is to undergo breast augmentation or breast lift surgery as a stand-alone procedure.

Hawaii Breast Enhancement: Breast Lift Details

If you opt for a breast lift or a combined lift and augmentation, then one of your first experiences as our Hawaii breast enhancement patient is an evaluation of the degree of ptosis (sagging). Patients with minimal ptosis are normally good candidates for internal dual plane mastopexy; this is performed by lifting a small amount of tissue off the chest wall. For those who have second degree ptosis, a better option is the Benelli breast lift (aka circumareolar breast lift). I have performed over 400 Benelli breast lifts, so I am well versed in this effective technique.

Some patients have a greater degree of ptosis, characterized by the nipple sitting one centimeter or more below the inframammary line. For these patients, who have third degree ptosis, the only option is standard or traditional breast lift surgery (aka the anchor breast lift). Sometimes, our Honolulu breast enhancement patients are apprehensive regarding this procedure – but they shouldn’t be. While other surgeons may warn against the scarring effects of an anchor lift, I am often able to perform the procedure with very minimal scarring. This is made possible by taking the tension off the suture line and using a braided polyester thread to suture the deep tissue, and multiple layers of dissolvable sutures below the skin. Most patients find that the skin heals far quicker and redness subsides much earlier with this technique.

Honolulu Breast Enhancement: Breast Augmentation Details

For patients who include an augmentation in their breast enhancement procedure, these are the specific materials and methods I prefer:

  • Implant Manufacturer: Allergan
  • Implant Filler: Silicone
  • Implant Covering: Smooth
  • Implant shape: Round
  • Implant location: Under the chest muscle

For the reasons I prefer these methods, please visit my breast augmentation page. However, the route of entry deserves a little more thorough explanation here. In my opinion, through the armpit is a preferable point of entry for three reasons:

  1. The armpits contain natural Langer’s lines, which means that they correspond to the natural orientation of collagen fibers in the dermis. Making incisions on the Langer’s lines is the best way to reduce the risk of permanent scarring.
  2. The armpit is one of the thinnest areas of dermis on the body, and the thinner the dermis, the finer the scar.
  3. No one looks in the armpits, therefore no one will see any scars that may be present.

These are some of the finer details of breast enhancement. Honolulu patients who may be interested can schedule a consultation at my practice to learn more.

To learn more regarding your options as an Hawaii breast enhancement patient, contact Oahu Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule an initial consultation at our office in Honolulu. Dr. Schlesinger will be glad to speak with potential Hawaii breast enhancement patients during that time.

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