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Breast Reduction

If large breasts have become a burden, you may be interested in becoming one of my Hawaii breast reduction patient. This pulling can result in persistent aches and pains. Excessively large breasts can pull on the muscles and tissues of the back, neck and shoulders. Many women with large breasts are also self-conscious about their breasts, and their emotional health can be affected. If you are considering this procedure, discuss breast reduction with me at my office. I will help you determine if you are a good Honolulu breast reduction candidate.

Breast Reduction at our Honolulu Practice

Since it is a surgical procedure, you need to carefully weigh your decision to undergo breast reduction. The patient involves general anesthesia, as well as incisions through which the surgeon will remove excess breast tissue and fat. In some cases, your nipples will be repositioned so that they sit in a normal location on your newer, smaller breasts.

Often, I prefer to perform a liposuction breast reduction. Like traditional liposuction, this procedure inserts a tube into each of your breasts and excess fat and breast tissue will be drawn out through this tube. This alternate procedure offers a faster recovery time with less scarring, but it is not for everyone. To learn which breast reduction method is best for you, please schedule an initial consultation.

Hawaii Breast Reduction Patients: After Your Procedure

You will notice soon after the surgery that your results are visible. Your breasts will be lighter and smaller than before, and once your recovery is complete, you will notice that the discomfort associated with large breasts is gone. You should also be able to fit into a smaller, more attractive blouses and halter tops. As with any cosmetic procedure, there is some pain in the days following breast reduction. I advise all of my Honolulu breast reduction patients to avoid strenuous activity for two weeks following surgery. After that, they can fully appreciate the results of the procedure.

To discuss undergoing breast reduction in Hawaii, contact Oahu Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule an initial consultation at our office in Honolulu. Dr. Schlesinger will be glad to speak with potential Hawaii breast reduction patients during that time.

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