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Brow Lift in Honolulu, HI

A brow lift is designed to help patients attain a smoother, more youthful appearance on the brow area and eliminate the furrowed, “angry” appearance of an aging brow. Our Hawaii brow lift patients often find that by refreshing the brow area, the entire face can experience a youthful, rejuvenated boost.

About Brow Lift Surgery

Brow lift surgery involves the removal of excess, sagging skin on the brow that causes the upper portion of the face to appear aged and unattractive. The procedure also includes eliminating the corrugator muscle, which is the cause of deep vertical lines between the eyebrows, often called “the Elevens”. Because the brow is in the same location as the forehead, the forehead lift and brow lift are the same procedure.

Undergoing Brow Lift at our Honolulu Practice

Because the majority of my Hawaii brow lift patients have significant brow ptosis, I perform an open brow lift procedure. The incisions for the procedure can be made inside or out the hair line; for patients with high brows, the incision is at the hair line. For patients with low brows, an incision is made in the hair line and then dissects down to the corrugator muscle. I remove that offending muscle piece by piece; then, to prevent any depressions associated with removal, I replace it with AlloDerm, a safe surgical product that is commonly used in this procedure. Only one drain is needed, and it is removed the next day. There are no dressings required, which makes recovery far more pleasant.

Selecting a Hawaii Brow Lift Surgeon

If you are interested in undergoing brow lift surgery, it is important to choose a plastic surgeon who has significant experience performing this procedure. As an established Honolulu brow lift surgeon, I have the skill and expertise necessary to help you attain results that appear natural and attractive.

To discuss undergoing brow lift in Hawaii, contact Oahu Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule an initial consultation at our office in Honolulu. Dr. Schlesinger will be glad to speak with potential Hawaii brow lift patients during that time.

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