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Cosmetic Surgery Hawaii

Dr. Larry Schlesinger, MD, F.A.C.S.

Cosmetic surgery is interchangeable with plastic surgery, a medical specialty that should only be performed by licensed physicians who are board certified in plastic surgery. The only acceptable board for the certification of plastic surgeons is the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).  Dr. Schlesinger, a board certified plastic surgeon with locations in Honolulu, has been certified by the ABPS since 1985.

Aside from board certification, Dr. Schlesinger is an outstanding choice for those seeking cosmetic surgery in Hawaii because:

  • He was first in his class in medical school
  • He has performed over 20,000 cosmetic procedures
  • He has practiced cosmetic surgery in Hawaii for 30 years
  • He is a Visiting Professor of Surgery at the University of Oklahoma
  • He is a former recipient of the Hawaii Medical Association Physician of the Year award

Learn More About Cosmetic Surgery in Hawaii

At Oahu Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Schlesinger offers a complete range of procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. Of course, you must maintain realistic expectations for the outcome of your surgery, although it is not uncommon for Dr. Schlesinger to far exceed them. Depending upon your goals, you might opt for one or several procedures of the face, breasts or body. Dr. Schlesinger welcomes male and female patients alike.

Anyone seeking to undergo cosmetic surgery must attend an informative consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. Choose Dr. Schlesinger to help you navigate the decision process; during your consultation, he will address the risks and benefits the procedures you are interested in.

To discuss cosmetic surgery in Hawaii, contact us to arrange an appointment with Dr. Schlesinger:

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