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Eyelid Surgery in Honolulu, HI

An eyelid lift is a surgical procedure that repairs sagging or drooping upper and lower eyelids; the procedure is also known as blepharoplasty. An eyelid lift improves your appearance, and in some cases can better your vision. Many people are dismayed when they develop bags under their eyes. Others have excess skin making their eyelids droop and impairing their vision. When you choose an eyelid lift, you will attain a more youthful look. To further enhance your appearance, you also might consider other procedures to reduce lines and wrinkles around your eyes. There are many procedures available to fix problems with your eyes; however, some procedures are not for everyone. It is important to discuss your options with an experienced eyelid lift plastic surgeon like Dr. Schlesinger.

Eyelid Lift: The Procedure

For your eyelid lift, you will be sedated. Dr. Schlesinger will remove excess skin and fat from your upper or lower eyelid. Over time, the scars become imperceptible because eyelid skin is the thinnest skin on the body, and the thinner the skin, the finer the scar. The procedure can take up to two and a half hours and is typically done on an outpatient basis. Normal activities can be resumed within four days of your eyelid lift surgery.

Eyelid Lift: What to Expect

Expect some swelling following eyelid lift surgery, but any swelling will dissipate with time, and you will be left with a more open and vibrant look to your eyes. These results, as with most forms of plastic surgery, are long-lasting. When you have eyelid surgery, you can expect that you will have a more alert and youthful appearance, but it is important that you discuss your personal expectations from the surgery with Dr. Schlesinger.

Eyelid Lift Procedures Are Offered Throughout Hawaii: At Our Maui and Oahu Surgical Centers

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Important Disclaimer: The preceding text describes a medical procedure; the description is a summary, and is necessarily generalized. Every patient has different needs, and this website should never be regarded as specific medical advice. No website or other written description can be a substitute for one-on-one patient care. If you have further questions, please arrange a visit with Dr. Schlesinger to discuss your specific needs.

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