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Labiaplasty is the cosmetic rejuvenation. Of the female external genetalia; basically, improvement of the appearance of labia majora, labia minora and hooding over the clitoris. Men age slowly by getting wrinkled, losing their hair, and often increasing their waistline over 10-, 20-, 30 years. Women age especially in the vaginal area quickly over the span of 9 months post- pregnancy. Very often, a youthful appearing vaginal area on a woman can change overnight to looking like a grandmother.

How can a plastic surgeon improve this area?

  1. External labia, or labia majora – this area can be fat grafted, surgically reduced due to extra skin, and/or a combination of the two.
  2. Internal vaginal lips, or labia minora – Many times after pregnancy, these slender pieces of tissue hang out of the female vulva causing embarrassment and at times interference with intercourse. The labiaplasty performed in Honolulu by Dr. Schlesinger both gets rid of the majority of the tissue that hangs outside of the LM and often all of that tissue. It also tightens the opening to the vagina, known as the introitis. At times, there is excess hooding of the clitoris, which does not meet many of our patients’ cosmetic picture of themselves. Therefore, this hooding can be reduced with minimal to no scarring. The above listed procedures, individually, or in combination, can make you feel and look more youthful in this area. It is the prevue of a Board cert PS to accomplish this rejuvenation.

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