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Melasma Treatment in Honolulu, HI

Hyperpigmentation on a woman’s face after pregnancy which was not there before pregnancy is variously referred to as the Mask of Pregnancy, Melasma, or Colasma. This condition is a skin manifestation of the excessive number of pregnancy hormones in the blood stream during the nine months of pregnancy. These hyperpigmented areas get worse when exposed to sunlight. Melasma takes many different shapes. It can be a solid block of pigment or little speckles of pigment. It is most often found on the cheekbones, forehead and upper lip (the mustache of pregnancy).

Dr. Schlesinger is not a dermatologist, but as the Medical Director of the Mommy Makeover Institute of Hawaii, and treating literally thousands of mothers for their post pregnancy surgical needs, he became frustrated that Melasma appeared truly untreatable by the creams presently on the market. Dr. Schlesinger, working in conjunction with a compounding pharmacist in Aiea, came up with a melasma cream (Schlesinger’s Melasma Cream) that is inexpensive and actually works. Hundreds of women have successfully treated their melasma with this cream and have been very satisfied with the results.

Schlesinger’s Melasma Cream is obviously not a plastic surgical technique but rather, a necessary part of the holistic approach Dr. Schlesinger takes to the Mommy Makeover.

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