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Neck Lift

A neck lift is a surgical procedure whereby I remove excess fat and loose skin from a patient’s neck. If you are unhappy with your turkey gobbler neck, you may be a good Hawaii neck lift candidate. A neck lift is often performed in conjunction with facelift surgery.

About Neck Lift Surgery

There are several reasons you might need to have a neck lift: recent weight loss leading to sagging skin and muscles, genetics which deposit extra fat in your neck, or aging, which unfortunately happens to all of us. Depending upon your particular needs, I make several recommendations. Your options will be discussed during your neck lift consultation.

Undergoing Neck Lift at our Honolulu Practice

A neck lift begins with administering general anesthesia for patient comfort. Depending on your physiology, you might require liposuction in addition to having the excess skin on your neck lifted. If you select the liposuction option, the procedure will require me to make small incisions for a tube to be inserted into your neck, which will vacuum out excess fat. The neck lift will then be performed, which involves tightening and excision of excess skin of the neck. Neck lifts are almost always associated with either a concurrent or previous face lift. This procedure can take up to four hours, depending upon your needs.

Hawaii Neck Lift Patients: After Your Procedure

A neck lift, for many, can turn back the clock five to ten years, but it cannot stop the natural aging process. I will be glad to discuss your expectations and anticipated post-surgical outcome from your neck lift at your consultation. Results from the surgery will be visible soon after the swelling subsides, and protective bandages are removed the day following surgery. Thereafter, a typical result is a slimmer, more contoured neck that helps you look younger.

To discuss undergoing neck lift surgery in Hawaii, contact Oahu Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule an initial consultation at our office in Honolulu. Dr. Schlesinger will be glad to speak with potential Hawaii neck lift patients during that time.

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