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Hawaii Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Larry Schlesinger, MD, F.A.C.S.

A plastic surgeon is a medical professional who specializes in improving your appearance through surgical techniques. Dr. Larry Schlesinger is an experienced plastic surgeon who operates throughout Hawaii in three surgical centers in Maui and Honolulu, Oahu. Dr. Schlesinger has earned numerous accolades in his career; among them are:

  • Dr. Schlesinger was first in his class in medical school.
  • He has performed over 18,300 procedures as a plastic surgeon and has practiced as a plastic surgeon for 30 years in Hawaii.
  • He serves as a visiting professor of surgery at the University of Oklahoma.
  • He is a Board Certified plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery since 1985.
  • Dr. Schlesinger was named Hawaii Medical Association physician of the year in 2000-2001.

How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon?

You should choose a plastic surgeon with great care; you should consider a plastic surgeon’s qualifications and experience in the procedure you are considering. Dr. Schlesingeris an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon with over 28 years of surgical experience.

Your initial consultation with Dr. Schlesinger is free; If you’d like to meet Dr. Schlesinger and discuss possible procedures, you may contact one of our three surgical centers at the numbers at the bottom of this page, or contact us through the web form on the right side of this page.

What Can a Plastic Surgeon Do for Me?

Plastic surgery can improve your appearance, make you look younger, make you more beautiful, and can even correct birth defects and injuries.

We’d love to hear from you, and we offer a confidential and comforting environment. Your initial consultation with Dr. Schlesinger is free, and we invite you to contact us to learn more.

Contact us through the web form on the right side of this page to arrange an appointment or to learn more about Hawaii plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Schlesinger.

Important Disclaimer: This website includes descriptions of medical procedures; the descriptions are summaries, and are necessarily generalized. Every patient has different needs, and this website should never be regarded as specific medical advice. No website or other written description can be a substitute for one-on-one patient care. If you have further questions, please arrange a visit with Dr. Schlesinger to discuss your specific needs.

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